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Welcome to At The Wheel Driving Academy  

Are you ready to join the exciting world of owning a license and driving like a real adult?

At At the Wheel Driving Academy, located in Concord NC, we are proud to train the young adults of today how to be the safe, expert, aware, and prepared drivers of tomorrow.

With At the Wheel Driving Academy, you get classes and driving instruction that are designed to get to the heart of what makes a responsible driver. Young adults need At the Wheel Driving Academy to show them the ropes. It takes professional, patient, and experienced staff to teach a driver.

On The Road

When you sign up with At the Wheel Driving Academy you know that you'll soon be steering through the streets of Concord NC with a solid driving education behind you. Our driving school sure has turned out scores upon scores of drivers.

You can see them on our streets right here in Concord NC.

You can see them driving cross-country. And you can see them, years later, with their families in the car, off on a vacation getaway. What unites them is their foundation with At the Wheel Driving Academy, putting responsible drivers on the road one student at a time.

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June 17th - 21stJuly 8th - 12th August 5th - 9th

All classes hours will be from 8 AM to 2 PM.